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Acid Blondie Petit Corona 4 X 38 Box of 40 Cigars . FREE Drew Estate Cigar Set "The Rebirth of Cigars" Ashtray, Case, Stand & Metal Tin

$177.00 $219.99

ACID Bondie are premium hand made cigars that are infused with over 100 botanical oils and herbs. The ACID Blondie cigar is an aromatic cigar with a delightful taste and smell that is pleasing to all the senses. Acid Blondie offers sweetness that is followed by a robust, climactic finish. This Petit Corona smokes smoothly with tasty notes of honey and cream, as its natural Connecticut Shade wrapper imbues an equally sweet taste and aroma.

They are hand made in Esteli, Nicaragua by master artisans in "La Gran Fabrica". Each cigar is made with the finest opulent long leaf tobacco that is hand picked and inspected to ensure a consistent quality that is unmatched. Drew Estate Acid Blondie has a length of 4 inches and a ring gauge of 38. Each cedar box brings 40 cigars.