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Don Kiki Limited Reserve Red Label TORO 6 X 52 Bundle of 25

$89.99 $119.99

PREMIUM RED LABEL Limited Reserve Toro Cigars by DON KIKI. Aged for 3 years, this refined premium cigar is smooth, medium-bodied and delightful. DON KIKI Limited Reserve Red Label Toro cigars are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun-grown aged long-filler Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder and Wrapper are rare Colorado sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano from the Jalapa Valley. Don Kiki blended the tobacco in these premium cigars to produce a superior taste that is well balanced and complex with notes of licorice, cedar, sweet toasted nuts and a finish with a cocoa undertone.

Every Don Kiki premium cigar is handcrafted to his high standards. Toro are 6 inches long with a large ring gauge of 52. Each hand-packed bundle contains 25 premium cigars.

DON KIKI Limited Reserve Red Label Toro are made with flavorful, hand selected tobacco. The leaves are skillfully cured and aged for at least three years. The aged leaves evolve into these fine cigars at the hands of skilled master Cuban cigar rollers, who make them in small batches. The Toro cigars are then aged for over 3 years before being hand packed.