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Isla Del Sol Toro 6 X 52 Box of 20 Cigars

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Isla Del Sol toro  are another cigar made by Drew Estate that infuses incredible aromatic flavors with premium tobaccos from Nicaragua. These cigars are hand made by master artisans in Esteli Nicaragua at Drew Estate's world renowned Factory where they cultivate, cure and produce these astonishing cigars from start to finish. Each Isla Del Sol has a unique blend of Nicaraguan long leaf fillers, nuances of extraordinary interfusions can be detected that have Sumatran Mandailing coffee bean-like properties. Each of the magnificent sun grazed Sumantran wrappers are hand selected and imported from Indonesia to ensure the silkiest even-burning experience you get from all of Drew Estate's cigar lines. 

MILD TO MEDIUM. A mild to medium earthy tobacco taste combined with tones of expresso and butter cream. Notes of cocoa and roasted cashews are also present. The Isla  Del Sol Toro 6 X 52 Box of 20 Cigars