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Punch Rare Corojo Elite 5 1/4x45 Pack of 5 cigars , Free Daytona Maduro.


A Cigar so good they had to bring it back as annual release, the 92-Rated Punch Rare Corojo is the cigar that keeps on giving. Initially created as a one-time limited release, cigar aficionados could not get enough of this gem of a cigar, so Punch caved to their cries and brought the Rare Corojo back as an annual limited release.
The Rare Corojo Cigar by Punch features an incredibly tasty blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan filler tobacco enveloped in a dark burgundy hued velvety Sumatra-seed tobacco leaf grown in the mountains of Ecuador, a favorite in the Punch lineup. As the second oldest cigar brand in the world, Punch has been a favorite of aficionados for generations, and this release features the classic Punch strength and finesse that epitomizes the appeal of the brand.
Super-smooth, the Rare Corojo is an incredibly well-balanced, and robust cigar that is a full throttled extra-rich smoke experience. INSIDER TRICK!!! While the Rare Corojo is ready to smoke as soon as you get them, aging them in a humidor for an additional year or two takes these smokes to the next level! These smokes are always sold out too soon, so grab yours before they are all gone!
Punch Rare Corojo received a well-deserved 92-rating noting: "This rouge-hued robusto is silky and box-pressed. The smoke is rich and aromatic, complementing flavors of leather and wood. It has notes of cherry and a fine finish."