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Tatiana Honey Honey Flavored 3 1/2 X 26 Tin of 10


Tatiana Honey Natural cigars are premium, hand-rolled flavored cigars made in the Dominican Republic with Cuban seed Dominican longfillers and Indonesian grown wrappers. The tobacco used for these marvelous cigars is aged for 2 years, making sure you get a smooth smoke. The Honey cigars are smooth and mild with a sweet natural honey taste. that is sure to tickle your taste buds and have your coming back for more. Whether during a break or after a meal, you'll enjoy every inch of it.

Tatiana cigars are packaged in a different varieties of box, tins, bundles, and tubos in the most popular and exotic flavors. If you want to enjoy one of the best-made and most affordable flavored cigars on the market, 'flavor the moment' with Tatiana.